Tryumph is a social media site established with the purpose of creating an online community where people are able to help one another complete goals. A goal can be anything, that allows for progress and steps to be tracked and published. Tryumph wants to take advantage of our best natural resource, eachother, and stop relying on just me, but rather use the power of we. 
    Tryumph allows for its members to take on three unique roles within tryumph and the goal completing process.
    Believer -  This role is the "follower" of the tryumph system. A Believer follows an Achiever who is completing a goal, tracking their posts, progress, etc. They are able to interact through comments, posts, etc. They show an Achiever their goal matters to them as well. 
    Supporter - This role is an individual that finds an Achiever who has a goal they feel they can help with in some form whether it be verbal, in the form of advice, physical meetings, training, etc. They offer the guidance and tools beyond the reach of the individual Achiever. 
    Achiever - This role is the goal-completer. This person goes on to tryumph to create a goal they want to complete and post it so Believers and Supporters have the opportunity to become part of the equation. The Achiever then must continually update their progress integrating the use of status updates, and posts involving images and videos. It is their choice to accept Believers or Supporters for their goal as well as sustain good communication and relationships with these other roles. 
    Below is all the elements that make up the branding and applications across numerous mediums. 
  • Alternating background login page. If GIF is done playing, refresh page to restart it. 
  • VIdeo scrolling the website
  • APP