touch the TOUCH

Created: 02/02/12
Last Edited: 06/12/13
These TOUCH chocolate has 3 different flavors: Peanut Butter, MilkShake and Java Hazelnut. I create the packaging not only for vision pleasing, but also want to convey the unique taste by other sense. I use different materials with die-cut with different shape: rectangular represents peanut butter, round embossing represents milk shake and the creasing line and triangle cut represents java hazelnut.
  • touch the TOUCH
  • I design the packaging not only for visual pleasing, but also want to connect visual, touching and taste together to create a total sense experience. The different materials used on each pkg represent 3 unique flavor: corrugated paper for Peanut Butter, rice paper with crease for Java Hazelnut and linen paper with round emboss for MilkShake. And also the shape of die-cut also have connection with the flavor: rectangular shape for Peanut Butter, triangle for Java Hazelnut and round for MilkShake.

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