Corporate Branding and Event Collateral

  • tiag – The Informatics Applications Group, is an innovative management and technology services company that provides strategies and expertise for improving the delivery of healthcare through the use of emerging standards and technologies. Each year, the firm brings together its entire professional network of senior scientists, management consultants, and technology specialists for a weekend meeting that celebrates professional excellence and the holiday season. The event is a successful, cultural tradition for the organization. We created trademark registered branding to further burnish the event’s iconic status.  The brand’s wording “Year-End Weekend” is intended to summarize the event with succinct syllables and an almost symmetrical cadence. The logo’s combined ampersand and star symbolize a christmas tree while alluding to the event’s dual purpose (i.e. all hands meeting and holiday celebration). The branding is used in corporate communications pieces announcing the event and pieces intended to build anticipation for the weekend.