Created: 01/08/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
Sweetspot is the accumulation of a semester-long project to develop a product prototype. It's an app which would aid the parking process by displaying for them all their parking options in the city of Milwaukee. Some of the steps in this project were research, infographic design, logo design, branding regulations, writing a business plan and creating a promotional video.
  • Finding the Sweetspot
    A semester-long process of product development
  • Sweetspot is a parking app which presents the user with all the parking data in their area. I developed the prototype for this app over the course of a semester. The work involved research, naming, branding, screen designs, meetings with app developers, writing a business plan, developing infographics and creating a promotional video. Every Graphic Design student who took this product development class ended the semester by doing a showcase of our products, where we chatted up investors and the general public about our fresh and exciting ideas.

  • Branding and logo design (above) played a key part in the process as, after all, this was all done for a Graphic Design class. I wanted my brand to be bold, contemporary and memorable. The main colors evoke parking signs, green lights and pavement.
  •  The showcase (officially entitled "Design Entrepreneur Showcase" was held at MiKE Open Labs in Grand Avenue Mall. It was a great success and an amazing experience. My display area (above) had both my laptop and screen external playing my promotional video on loop. The iPad in the middle is displaying a document which gives an in-depth explanation of sweetspot and where it's headed.

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