Created: 05/10/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
These are samples of some of my print design work including window graphics, annual report, poster, brochures, booklets, and a magazine/newsletter.
  • Print Design

  • Clarendon Group School Street window graphics
    Window graphics for 30 windows and doors at the corner of School and Washington Street in Boston. I photographed area buildings and architectural details to create vector images in the graphics. For the narrow windows, I created patterns using different details (street lamps, windows, moulding) that were printed on clear vinyl with spot white so you can see through the windows.

    Window graphics completed while freelancing at Flanders + Associates (
    MB Flanders, creative director
    Jessica Grant, designer
    Advanced Imaging, print and installation

  • The Say Something Poster Project (design competition)
    Poster design received the Judges’ Select award and was chosen 
to go on permanent display at The Home for Little Wanderers
  • Education Development Center, Inc.
  • 2009 Annual Report
    Winner of a 2011 Beacon Award, Annual Report (Association of Educational Publishers)

  • Brandeis University
  • Architectural Transformations symposium poster
  • Women's Studies Resources Center
    Calendar redesign
  • Women's Studies Resources Center
    Art exhibition cataog
  • Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts
    Logotype design and guide

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