oneVessel Identity & Print

Created: 05/07/12
Last Edited: 10/09/12
Logo / Business Cards / Letterhead / Product Info Cards / Wholesale Catalogs
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    Identity / Print

  • - Over time the branding for oneVessel had become watered-down and inconsistent, and began overwhelming the products, which should be the focus.
    + The logo was designed to be subtle in order put the designs first, and I returned to that concept for the other materials. While simple, the updated identity is bold, flexible, and puts the designs in the spotlight.
  • - Previous product inserts included images of the products, which made them redundant and wasted precious space. They also became outdated as new styles were released, requiring them to be redesigned and reprinted before existing materials were used up.
    + These new cards put the brand first, and the style is cohesive independent of the insert or tag format. The company also saves money and uses less paper, since these cards can be used until they run out instead of when they "expire."
  • - Existing wholesale catalogs were cramped for space and overwhelming for customers. With too many products on each spread and small images, new and top selling items would be overlooked, while customers continued buying what they already knew.
    + Catalogs now have two ways to view products: by design category and body style. Customers can see large images of all designs, and they are all featured in categories to highlight their intended audience and inspire customers to merchandise using a variety of products. In the index, products can be viewed by body style, for customers looking for products with a specific function.