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Created: 05/15/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Bike project o + o is an initiative to take abandoned bicycles in Amsterdam and revitalize into a new brand people will take care of & enjoy
Project Info
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    Abandoned Bike Project, Amsterdam NL
  • Spring semester abroad in Amsterdam brought about this project. The task was to find an abandoned space in Amsterdam, and reuse it somehow. I noticed there were a lot of abandoned bicycles around the city, so my project was to collect these old discarded bikes, revitalize into a newly branded bike that people would lust over, thus taking care of them later and avoid more abandoned bicycles. There would be a shop, and outreach programs to involve local artists/designers to design a bike a month, as well as take reused bike parts and make into something else. 
  • One of the many abandoned bicycles I saw while in Amsterdam
  • Abandoned bicycle statistics
  • Logo for o + o
  • Bicycle inspiration in Amsterdam
  • Bicycle frame designs
  • Frame design for February
  • Frame design for July
  • Frame design for December
  • Customized bicycle option
  • Parts needed chart
  • Storefront signage & entrance

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