nowHERE 2012 - Octodextrous Design

Created: 04/25/12
Last Edited: 04/28/13
Nowhere is an annual, AIGA design conference held at UW-Stevens Point, that hosts visiting designers, artists and alumni in central Wisconsin. Designers juggle many projects at once, and so I created ‘Octo-dexterous design’ and illustrated the logo as well as designing promotional material including shirts, buttons, signage & more. I collaborated with other board members on AIGA to develop the website and overall branding.
  • UWSP AIGA Chapter - nowHERE 2012 Design Conference -
    Octodextrous Design

    Website design and development
  • nowHERE is a graphic design conference located in central Wisconsin at the University of Stevens Point Wisconsin. I was involved in the identity and branding development. I then did the design and development for the conference website.

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