myDex App

Created: 03/28/13
Last Edited: 04/02/13
Student App Design Project.
  • myDex is a student project that stemmed from the goal to create an app that would be both highly fun and educational for children. 
    Inspired by Satoshi Tajiri's Pokedex, myDex is an app that encourages children (and adults) to go out into the world and interact with creatures.  By taking pictures and/or recording their sounds, new creature profiles are unlocked on the app, which the user can view to learn more about the animal and then share with others.

    For the project I was required to create at least five different screens that the user would come across, and to have a company or organization that was a part of the app.  I chose to use National Geographic because I felt that this app was something that they would support, and that they would use it themselves as a companion to their magazine and website.  

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