moolah - budgeting ap

  • Moolah!
    budgeting mobile application for college students
  • Moolah! is a conceptual mobile budgeting application geared for college students. The color coded categories and icons make for a very visually appealing application. The tabs slide in and out when swiped with a thumb or finger. The purpose of this application was to help students better document and budget their spending. Through the color coded and easy to use bar and pie graphs, they will be able to visually see where they spend too much of their money (dining out and personal items) and not enough (grocery and school supplies).
  • Moolah! is a conceptual college student oriented budgeting app for the iphone. Once you start the app you can either log in or set up a new account. In the setup you plan your budget for the month, week, or day (or all three). Once you are set up, you will be taken to the "home" screen with all the tabs for the categories.
  • After you login, you can slide your finger over the different tabs to get to the right category. The categories are all color coded and come with their own icon. The categories include:  Transportation, Health (such as medicine, birth control, doctors visits etc), School supplies, groceries, Alcohol, Dining out money, and Personal purchases (such as clothes or movie tickets). 
  • The first frames show bar graphs of your monthly and weekly budget paired up with your daily spending. This shows the overall percentage you've spent of your monthly budget. If you go over your budget the bar will extend above the line in the color of your tab. You can add and subtract money easily by hitting the plus and minus sign. If you click on the question mark in the upper left corner, it will take you to the second screen, where you can keep track of recent purchases. 
  • You can click on the % tab to see the overview. In the overview, you will be able to see your monthly budget in pie chart or bar graph vs. your actual spending.