• depicting a fox through sixteen different representations
  • from left to right, beginning at the top row:

    01 find or take a photo that best describes your animal
    02 must be gestural
    03 must be painterly - system of thick and thin strokes, calligraphic
    04 must be graphical: use only right angles, straight lines and 
    (only two stroke widths)

    05 must use only circles, triangles or squares 
    06 you must use the photocopier + cut/paste paper by hand 
    07 use alternate marking tool, nothing traditional
    (no pencil/pen, brush, marker) 
    08 must convey a specific meaning (use only one line) 

    09 must convey a specific meaning (a behavioral characteristic)
    10 must express the texture of your thing 
    11 must a hybrid: select best expression make "nirvana"; 
    form that feels right.
    12 must create an index of your animal 
    13 must convey a specific meaning 
    (an adjective symbolically attached) 
    14 must be radical an extreme abstraction of another; bizarre
    15 must explore making marks on "another surface";
    (no laser printer paper)
    16 must be entirely typographic 
    (use a word that sums up your animal, real or made-up)