flō Brewing Company

Created: 05/02/12
Last Edited: 05/08/13
Flō Brewing Company is a brewery in Northern Wisconsin. The name Flō originated from the Townsend Flowage. The goal is to promote the brew as a seasonal beer for female vacationers. The three main brews in the presentation are summer-based brews. Each brew portrays a different theme or experience vacationing on the Townsend Flowage.

The Boat is the beer to take with you on a relaxing boat ride around the lake while the sun is setting. The Sandbar is a light beer so women don’t have to worry about calories while they are out on the lake. The Candy Shop is a berry-flavored beer; the perfect brew to drink to help relax after a long day of shopping.

The poster and key chains are a perfect reminder of the enjoyable, relaxing vacation on the Townsend Flowage.
Project Info
    Three women–2 daughters and a mother–from Green Bay, Wisconsin look forward to going to their family cottage in Townsend every summer. Some of their best memories are of times on the Townsend Flowage. They want to spread these good memories and good cheer to other vacationers in Townsend, so they figured what better than to make a local beer emphasizing some of their favorite vacation hot spots in Townsend, WI.

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