first baptist nyc identity design

Created: 10/28/11
Last Edited: 03/31/14
i'm very pleased to have been able to work on the identity design for the first baptist church in the city of new york. the church’s building is a magnificent piece of architecture and the rose window in the front is especially resplendent.

the middle window contains several symbolic elements; a sun to represent that Christ is the “sun of righteousness,” a crown to represent that he is the “king of glory,” and a start to represent that he is the “bright and morning star.” matthew hoskinson, pastor of first baptist church, thought that including some of the symbolic elements from this window would be a good idea for the church’s new logo. i agreed. so much so, that i essentially copied the exact shape of the glass panes from the sun, crown and star and stylized them to achieve the logo.

you’ll notice the “FBC” lettermark below the sun. this is also an element taken from the facade. i thought it would be good imagery to have it small and below the sun to represent that Christ is over the church, and the church is subject to him.

the idea is that the multi-colored rendition of the logo will be the logo for use on the church’s general materials. for special occasions, specific colors will be used to communicate that fact. the 9/11 materials and the “the grace of God to our church” materials for example.

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