eBay Giving Works Fact Sheet

  • eBay Giving Works Fact Sheet
    Using numbers to illustrate the impact of cause marketing
    eBay Giving Works uses the eBay platform to raise money for charity by allowing users to buy, sell, and donate online.

    Design Objective: Design a one-page fact sheet to distribute at conferences & lectures to help increase the brand recognition of the eBay Giving Works program and eBay Celebrity. Highlight the benefits of the eBay Giving Works program by demonstrating its success in 2010 through numbers & inspiring photographs. Keep within the respective color palette of the eBay brands.

    With an emphasis on numbers, I used the Fibonacci sequence as a guide for the thickness of the rules as well as the relationships between the typeface sizes. After the project's completion, I designed a variation of the fact sheet to support the new eBay Celebrity site.