AIGA KC Student Exhibition: design is...

Created: 12/05/12
Last Edited: 03/03/13
Visually finish the sentence of "design is..." in an 11 x 17 format.
  • This was my submission for a KC AIGA student gallery show. There was a call of student work for a show based around the idea of design and how we as the new coming designers see it. The only set specifics were that the design/composition/submission had to be tabloid size. This quote came from a written description of what I think design is and the specific part of design that I really am enticed by. The imagery of a clock is used is make the comparison of design being structured like a clock, all pieces are in their correct spot, bu if all parts are not in their correct spot, the clock fails to work. The eye was used to represent the designer, as well as the idea that design is centered around the individual/audience and that there will always be various opinions of design, because it is up to the viewer and their visual aesthetic taste.
  • dimensions¬†11 x 17 print.

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