creative: Camera Obscura

  • Camera Obscura   
    A Wim Wenders Traveling Picture Show (a creative work)
  • A student project done for Integrated Communications, Marc English, instructor. Academy of Art University, Spring 2010.

    We were tasked with creating all graphic media for a film festival about a director of our choice. Deliverables included books, dvds, schedules, posters, postcards, environmental graphics and other "souvenir" items. I designed my project as a traveling show, opening in drive-in theaters in four locations nationwide. 3d renderings of the event were rendered by Stephen Young of Chicago, Illinois.
  • Rendering by Stephen Young, Chicago.
  • Environmental Advertisement, shown in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • The Festival catalog was built as an accordion-fold, showing clouds on the backside.
  • Schedules for each location were designed as credit-card sized fold-out pieces.
  • DVD cases divided the Wenders films into American and European location settings.
  • The complete package.