• Project year: 2002–2010
    In-house project at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto
    Programming and markup languages: HTML 4, CSS 2, Perl 5
    URL: (no longer the same site)
  • Front page of the site. My role included the menu bar, the language switching functionality, integration of a scroller, the infrastructure to handle the news items and the various icons on the right side, and editing and translation of the copy.
  • The event listing, a complete redesign of the original static HTML pages that allows the visitor to interactively select the kind of events that they are interested in, by type, year, venue, or series.
  • The monthly view of the event calendar. Each day is marked with the corresponding date in the traditional Chinese calendar. Festivals and holidays are also indicated.
  • The course list was redesigned to match the printed course list
  • The algorithmically-generated site map
  • A typical page of the site