borsoni corporate identity

  • the challenge was to design a packaging that represents the brand and product concept, the product is a casual safety shoes line product that are made with high quality and comfortable materials to executives and managers like target audience. borsoni is the larger tusk mastodon that ever existed, the logo formed by two interlaced tusks represents resistance, strength, durability and greatness.

    the leather texture is used like background applied in 1:1 scale with two corporate colors and to get a contrast in whole packaging. the image of the tusk, guide the user sight to the slogan and then to the logo.

    copyright © | 2002-2012 pizelato immagine corporativa
  • this project has been published in,
    limmie magazine #4, 2012 in indonesia
    de la creatividad a la innovación - 200 diseñadores mexicanos, 2012 in mexico
    the big book of packaging, 2011 in usa

    also featured on,
    creative inspiration gallery, 2012 in england
    feed grids gallery, 2012 in usa
    packaging of the world gallery, 2012 in usa