book jacket re-design: the lovely bones

Created: 02/23/11
Last Edited: 11/19/12
For this project, we were to create three different book jackets and end paper patterns for one book of our choosing. I chose The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Each book jacket was different in feeling, as well as in focus: one type-based, one image-based, and one "nirvana" design, combining both type and image.
  • Book Jackets:
    Can you tell a book by its cover?
  • For this project, we were to design three book jackets for a book of our choosing.
    One design was to be typography-based, one design was to be image-based, and one design is designer's choice, hopefully achieving nirvana between typography and image.

    In addition to designing the book jackets (complete with front and back flaps, as well as spine), we were also to create a coordinating end paper to be used inside the book.

    Finally, for one book jacket design of our choosing, we were to create a title page as well as an opening chapter page that coordinated with the feel and design of the book jacket.
  • typography-based solution
  • "nirvana" solution
  • image-based solution
  • end paper pattern and title page for image-based book jacket
  • chapter one page for image-based book jacket

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