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  • We've all know that our worst client is ourselves. And I'm no exception to that rule.

    I decided to "re-brand" myself and have some cards made. I've always made my own cards and thought it would be nice to have someone else do it for a change. Coming up with a new logo was the tough part. I started off the same way I start any project - with a black sheet of paper and a stack of books (just in case I need some inspiration or a sharp blow to the head). Working in Illustrator I kept coming up with the same look. Bold, sans serif, clean, "Swiss" looking solutions that we're no closer to a solution as I'm close to being 7 feet tall (I'm 5'8"). Feeling frustrated, I realized that I was relying solely on the computer as a tool which explains the flat, typical solutions I was producing. Then it hit me (an idea, not a book) - I should just sketch it out with a pencil and leave the computer for the final edits.

    I've been doing more "work" by hand lately so it made sense to approach this problem by hand. I sat down with a sketch book and a pencil and the first idea that came out was so far removed from the other ideas that I immediately loved it. You can see it on the cards - cleaned up of course.

    I've been allowing myself to stop saying "no" to the things that I want to learn, do and experience. All the text that you see at the bottom of the card are things I do, am learning to do or want to do. I put them out there so people can get a better understanding of me and to act as a reminder to myself that I've got plenty to keep me busy.

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