"Zestival" Event

  • "Zestival" was an event concept created for a local Indianapolis multi-cultural community center. The idea was to showcase their garden, through the event activities and garden signage we developed. In our four person student group, known as Spec Creative, we collaborated on Zestival, designing all-in-all games and prizes, stations, signage, and marketing techniques for the event.
    Created January - May 2012

  • We worked with kids in their after school program to develop the signage. We wanted them involved with our project, so we used their drawings to shape the final images on the signs.
  • Example of one of our signs and the different varieties of vegetable hanging under it
  • These were used for the herbs and other smaller plants found in the garden. 
  • Example of one of the station signs. The organization's branding was very simple, so we stuck to something along the same lines for our event station signage.
  • A tri-fold scavenger hunt map, this shows the layout of their garden, and on the other side was a riddle that when solved and by finding that vegetable and placing a sticker of it at the bottom of the page, the solver would find another riddle that led to the next vegetable.