"Zen Stones"

Created: 05/10/12
Last Edited: 11/12/13
A series of zen like scenes which I created and then photographed
Project Info
  • "Zen Stones"
    Build it to photograph
  • In one of my more recent series, “Zen stones”, I built a four by four foot shallow pool, lined with black plastic, filled with water, and placed in a predetermined locationin the sun. I photographed the shallow pool of water from above, positioning stones, leaves, moss and berries to amplify the waters reflecting qualities.The mirror created not only a reflection of the stones and berries that I strategically placed throughout the water, but also the bare branches of the trees towering above, adding depth to the photographs. I created a palette using the colors already found in nature. The amber of the changing leaves, the green of the moss and the red of the berries, all stood in stark contrast to the grays of the stones. Even though the piece looks as if it could be found in nature, it is actually a man made piece made up of natural elements.

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