Zaniah Tea Packaging

Created: 11/26/12
Last Edited: 04/16/13
Zaniah Tea was created for an in-class assignment. My assigned target market is women ages 30-45. I studied the local competition in my area by visiting locally owned and chain stores in order to get familiar with the product. As a result I discovered that a lot of the competition packaging was either green or natural in color, which is one of the reasons why I chose to create my packaging in black. Another reason is because I wanted Zaniah to feel sophisticated and elegant. In order to give the consumer a quick identification to flavor, I added color of the fruit or herb being used in the tea. I have added an information card in with every tea package about a particular fruit or herb to give the consumer the opportunity to learn a new fact.
  • Zaniah Tea Packaging, Three Flavors. 2011
  • Zaniah Tea Packaging, detail. 2011
  • Zaniah Tea Stationary. 2011

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