YouView IPTV User Interface

Created: 11/04/12
Last Edited: 08/14/14
YouView is a new IPTV television service in the United Kingdom which was formally launched on 4 July 2012 — with over 70 digital channels and seven day catch up on BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5, subscription free.

Provided key Art Direction and ongoing support for YouView's extensive User Interface including system iconography and web design.
  • BBC Canvas (YouView) User Interface — Concept One

    Canvas Concepts UI/UX first iteration pitch screens
    High level initial concept designed to surface content within an open space.
  • YouView User Interface — Concept Two

    YouView Concepts UI/UX second iteration pitch screens
    Exploring vertical navigation with a dark/blue palette taken from the logotype. The blue vignette highlights 
    the content.
  • YouView User Interface — Concept Two Variation

    YouView Concepts UI/UX third iteration winning pitch screens
    Using the same blue highlight aesthetic applied to a horizontal navigation system.
  • YouView System Iconography

    Playback/Record Specific/Content Attributes
  • YouView User Interface — Final
    YouView UI Final screens

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