YogaLift Identity and Website Redesign

Created: 03/22/13
Last Edited: 05/16/13
Identity and website makeover for YogaLift.
  • Logo, identity and website redesign for YogaLift.
  • redesigned logo, reflecting a yoga pose and intersection of mind, body and spirit.
  • logo prior to redesign
  • New homepage for YogaLift. Incorporated a more vibrant color scheme to highlight the energy of the brand. Improved navigation and user experience.
    For full experience, please visit
  • YogaLift icons for the homepage and identity.
  • Interior page with increased readability. About, Mission and Values have been incorporated into the sidebar to effectively manage the large amounts of copy information available to viewers.
  • Email newsletter redesign.
  • YogaLift newsletter prior to redesign.
  • Top half of homepage before redesign.
  • Bottom half of homepage before redesign.

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