XO Communications Summer 2012 Internship

Created: 08/25/12
Last Edited: 10/24/12
Summer Internship
  • XO Communications
    Summer 2012 Internship
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  • Over the course of the 2012 Summer Internship at XO Communications I developed various skills of print and web design. I worked closely with the Web Marketing team to ensure all collateral pieces reflected the brand in a consistent manner. I also was able to work with multiple departments in the company headquarters to develop a lot of marketing skills.
  • Ethics Code
  • Ethics Posters
  • Ethics Posters
  • 100G Invitation.

    Banner designed by Benjamin Feigel. Edited by Andrew Curtis
  • Business Connections Rewards Program Collateral
  • Customer Connection Flyer
  • Executive Roadshow Infographic
  • Advertisement for Savoy
  • Case Study Template
  • Colocation Flyer
  • Tour of Utah
  • HTML Email Designed & Coded

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