Wyse Ferry Collection- Garments and Sketches

Created: 12/19/12
Last Edited: 12/19/12
Collection of 14 designs, 2 looks as sample outfits from collection
  • This Spring/Summer collection was initially prompted by an exploration between man-made objects and water, a study defined as water archaeology. The Wyse Ferry Bridge is currently under 160 ft. of water in Lake Murray, South Carolina. Lake Murray, a manmade lake flooded by a dam, in conjunction the Wyse Ferry bridge inspired the combination of structural pleated elements with soft, textural, and organic forms.
  • Look 1- Fully-fashioned 100% Merino Wool Wrap Top with Low Back with Machine Knit textured wrap skirt with woven pleated panel out of Wool Crepe and a Specialty Yarn
  • Look 1- Machine Knit Swatches 
  • Look 2- Deep V-Neck bathingsuit/playsuit with skirt overlay
  • Enlarged Sketches from Presentation Boards
  • The muse of my collection is a strong woman who can look sophisticated poolside as well as at dinner. She is comfortable, calm, and elegant. 
  • My Process

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