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Created: 10/05/11
Last Edited: 01/20/14
Digital Strategy
Our objective was to increase our credibility as a global agency. Tier One: a portfolio of work highlighting our partner agencies capabilities. Tier Two: content strategy, showcasing our global expertise. Tier Three: Resources to supplement internal PR initiatives.

My responsibilities included:

Managed design and development
SEO implementation
Dynamic Flash content
Drupal content management system administration
Content strategy, scheduling, and collaboration with content contributors

Lessons Learned:

The CEO is probably not the target audience. At the time (2008) our CEO was resistant to social media. I should have pushed harder for its incorporation. (Though, truth be told, I pushed pretty hard.)
Design websites from a modular perspective. Features can easily be turned on and off, so experiment often.
Allocate enough resources to content management. Scheduling, writing, editing, and video production are critical pieces of a website. Websites, like salmon, are better fresh than frozen.
Open Source back-end systems (Drupal, Linux, Wordpress) are less expensive and usually easier to implement and maintain. The trick is to make sure you use the right system for your needs.
  • Complex Drupal site development and design
    Large, diverse team. 
  • The objective: increase our credibility as a global agency option.
    First, we developed a strong portfolio of work, highlighting our capabilities and category expertise. Second, we established a content strategy, showcasing our global expertise through articles written by our local agency leaders through innovation-focused case studies.

    Responsibilities included:
    •    1. Design and development management for a core team of ten. Process included strategy briefing, wireframing, multiple rounds of design, content development, coding, testing, and launch.
    •    2. Content scheduling and collaboration with dozens of content contributors.
    •    3. Content management system administration, and dynamic flash content updates.
    •    4. Quality testing and bug tracking.
  • Software used: Adobe Photoshop, Basecamp Project Management, Drupal 6, Flash. 
 (no longer active)
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