World War II Chronicles

Created: 05/16/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
Title card for tv show World War II Chronicles.
  • on-air graphics
  • World War II Chronicles is a show aired on Military Channel that focuses not only on the war itself, but the culture it brought about. It also focuses on all aspects and countries involved in the war and not simply the United States, England, Japan or Germany, for example. For the title card, I really wanted to get away from something so plain and simply put the name of the TV show on the screen. This was World War II and the design of the time had a style all on its own. I wanted to incorporate that style and illustration into the title card to not only reflect the war but the entire culture that came with it. Why not make a title card look like a poster?
  • World War II Chronicles title card (40% scale)

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