• Ham on Rye    

  • Design is a way of solving problems,
    Common among them is making the old new again.

    The marriage of old and new is a ceremony designers are sometimes asked to officiate. Gathering something old in the original meaning and intent and something new in presentation can be harder than it might be imagined.
    Respect and understanding are key. By learning everything possible thru research the joining can be a success.
    Ham on Rye is a perfect project to demonstrate with. From title to content the book is about contradiction, combinations of disparate things—Taken literally, nonkosher meat on a traditionally Jewish bread, or as common food among the lower class at the time, symbolic of the protagonist’s class struggle, and even more obliquely self-referential as a ham or show off on Rye or whisky as a reference to his self aggrandizing nature and the alcoholic trouble that defined the author for much of his life.

    The repackaging takes those conflicts and presents them visually to hint at the intent of the title, providing a tease to a new reader and an inside joke to a reader coming back to revisit it. The visual treatment combined with biting, sarcastic copy on the rear meet a modern younger audience head on, exactly as Bukowski would have.