Wood Massacre

Created: 02/07/13
Last Edited: 11/06/13
Depict one of the four elements through type and medium, with a strong focus on type.
  • I created this piece for my Type As Art class. The idea was to represent an element (I chose earth) in some way through type. I created my own typeface, and used those letters to spell out the word "MASSACRE" in a piece of wood. The materials and the words represent a massacre of trees through forest clear-cutting. The piece consists of two pieces of wood, that are  separated by two inch spaces so shadows will be created through the negative space made by the letters, illuminating the color. I used a jigsaw to cut out all of the letters by hand, and then stained the front piece, and used a mixture of inks to create "blood-drip" earthtones in the piece of wood underneath the first to create a color/texture so the letters (negative space) would be given a color.

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