Women's University - Middle East

  • Women's University - Middle East
  • Project: Perkins+Will
    - Custom Signage and Wayfinding Design, Planning & Strategies

    - Designer, assisting Project Designer with cultural & stakeholder needs and assessment, concept design, design development &  implementation, and sign messaging. 
  • Demographic research / understanding.
  • Day in the life scenarios to better understand how users will function not only on campus, but getting to and from.  Also understanding a 'day in the life of a building' - buildings that house both men and women present a sizable design issue in wayfinding design as un-related women and men were not allowed to share the same spaces.
  • Color and pattern were developed as wayfinding tools.  Colors and patterns arc across entire campus - providing each building and college with a unique identity.
  • Patterns were developed from indigenous flora and locally grown crops.
  • Concept developed to create a wash of color and pattern in interior spaces - reinforcing wayfinding and signage strategies.
  • Illustrating color and pattern changes across campus.