Women's Rights Movement Timeline

  • Women's Rights Movement Timeline
    Over the past century
  • This timeline is one half of my senior capstone project. Theassignment for the semester-long project was to design a 2D, 3D and4D piece around a topic of my choice, as long as it somehow relatedback to Milwaukee. Women's rights have always been an important issueto me, and so I chose to make a timeline of women's rights over thepast hundred years as my 2D piece.

    Using found photography and timeline information, I assembled thiscomplex piece. I chose to make it an accordion-fold book because thatway it could be seen both as a poster and a book. This was crucialbecause the viewer needs to get the impact of the full timeline atonce, but they also need to be able to hold and intimately read thesmall type.

    I used a bold red and blue to reference the colors of the americanflag as well as ribbons to evoke the graphic styles of the past, aswell as today's vintage trends. I layered the imagery and pulled outhighlights in the timeline without overcomplicating the denseinformation. At the final capstone show, I displayed the book as aposter, up with the rest of my work, and also set a second copy outfor viewers to pick up and interact with.