Woll & Woll Identity and Branding

Created: 02/10/13
Last Edited: 02/10/13
These concept designs were developed for a potential client rebranding. The clients primary objective was to market the company as an elite, high-end firm.

The designs were developed to appeal to the defined target market’s personal life experience with luxury in spaces such as a high-end hotel (luxury, service, having needs met ) or a spa (calm, nurturing).

The architectural elements in the concepts denote structure, strength and confidence. The linen texture speaks to intelligence and stability and the tones and hues portray both professionalism and comfort.

The stationary was designed to print 4 color on a specialty linen stock. The logo was speced to emboss, the white block being raised, while the letters are debossed. This would have the effect of smoothing the linen texture in this area creating a contrast of texture, color and dimension.

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