Winter Warm Up Concert Poster

  • Winter Warm Up Concert Poster
    Chrysler Museum of Art Special Event
  • This is a poster design for an annual event at the Chrysler Museum of Art. Each February, the museum hosts concerts geared towards the younger people from Hampton Roads. The concerts are held inside the museum itself.  With the 2012 year, the addition of special events at the newly opened Glass Studio have been added to the schedule.  The theme for 2012 is "Warm It Up" - with this in mind, the design concept for the posters is meant to evoke a feeling of winter and warmth. Warmth is symbolized by a red/orange color, which is in contrast to the cooler blue/green color that symbolizes winter.  The emphasis, however, is on the "warmth." 
  • Winter Warm Up Poster (Photograph)
  • Poster Design (30 degree layout)) - 14" x 22"