"Whose/Who's WORLD?" Book

  • Whose/Who's WORLD?
    The Mission & Vision of WORLD
  • In 2009 (before redesigning their identity), WORLD approached Metagramme to conceive and design a fundraising piece that would tell the story of WORLD's mission, and their vision for the future. The title is a play on words, but one that gets at the heart of WORLD's vision. They believe this is God's world, and that shapes their approach to journalism.

    Whose ... World is divided into four sections, led by essays (written by publisher Nick Eicher) which give way to images and excerpts from WORLD's 20+-year archive. A visual theme of wayfinding is found throughout: From the foil-stamped cover, to an abstract topographic pattern printed inside the gatefolds, to several NASA-inspired conceptual illustrations.

    As a nonprofit news organization, ad sales were dropping, and many readers didn't know WORLD was in a position to accept charitable donations. Since the book was released in October 2009, fundraising efforts have far exceeded anyone's expectations. We like to think this book played some small part in that.