"White Weapons" by Dimitris Nikolakopoulos

Created: 02/15/13
Last Edited: 02/15/13
The Historical Time Periods and the White Weapons of the broad Greek regions (6000 BC - 1500) is a book written by Mr. Dimitris Nikolakopoulos, one of the greatest and most awarded architects in Greece.
"White Weapons" or "White Arms" is a common term for any non-firearm type weapon whose primary use is as a tool, such as knives, needles, axes, sticks, batons and others alike.
Throughout 40 years of personal work, Mr. Nikolakopoulos has constructed over 600 white weapons, all handicrafts, 87 of which have been donated to Athens War Museum and exhibit since 2009.
It has been such an honor to work with Mr. Nikolakopoulos and design this limited edition of 240 page hardcover book.

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