WeeNo Photography Branding

  • WeeNo Photography
  • Specs:
    Conducted customer research surveys, developed one-color logo, custom vector pattern, seal, business cards, copywriting for promotional material, redesigned contract, pricing and copyright forms to increase readability for clients, improve WeeNo’s efficiency in data-gathering and organization, and cut down on paper use.
    WeeNo Photography has a creative, discerning and highly relational target market. They felt that their previous identity didn’t communicate the quality of their personalized service to their audience, which was costing them potential clients in a highly competitive industry.
    To distance them from their original yellow and brown owl identity, their new logo was crafted from hand-rendered typography that mimics the soft, blown-out style of their photography. The facing ‘e’s represent their husband and wife photography team, which was also highlighted by the repeated use of the facing ‘e’s in the pattern and the seal. These marks were designed for flexibility and versatility that can be applied in various ways throughout the brand for embroidery, screenprinting, wax seals, stamps and engravings. Now they can provide their clients with a highly customized, highly tactile brand experience that resonates with their audience.
    Rebranding has helped to clarify their brand and strengthen their business process amidst the highly competitive wedding industry in Portland, Oregon.

  • Secondary marks used as stamps, embossed icons or wax seals.
  • Custom pattern using the facing e's.
  • Web Banner
  • WeeNo Copyright Card