Wedding Package Design

  • Wedding Package Design
    Photos, Invitations, RSVP Card, Custom Wax Seal, Illustrated Placemats, Table Signs
  • Specs:
    200 full-color booklet-style invitations, RSVP post cards, custom wax seal, custom crest, illustrated placemat with personalized maze, table cards, napkin cards, general signage.

    Kate & Caleb’s wedding decor was all about elegant, shabby-chic details. A custom wax stamp adorned the cover of their hand-bound invitations, with thoughtful typography and dramatic photography to add a modern twist to their vintage look. The wedding package involved a complete blend of design, illustration, and photography, with a unified look that extended from the wedding invitation through to every printed item for the ceremony and reception. The mother of the bride even requested the crest be used to create a customized table cloth for a featured table at the reception.