Wedding Invitations

Created: 11/18/12
Last Edited: 11/18/12
A series of five cards used as wedding invitations for a barn-style wedding. Each card has been designed and hand screen printed—both on the front and back. Fronts visually show information/logistics for the wedding day. Backs depict an illustration that relates to the front.
  • Wedding invitations screen printed on five individual 4" x 6" chipboard cards.
  • The cards come packaged in a hand-sewn burlap envelope with an oversized wooden button as a closure.
  • Front of the five cards.
  • Each card has an illustration on the back that relates to the subject matter on the front. Also screen printed.
  • Card number one: wedding announcement.
  • Card number two: wedding ceremony.
  • Card number three: reception information.
  • Card number four: map to church.
  • Card number five: RSVP. Pre-addressed on back.
  • The whole package.

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