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  • Websites
    A Collection of Live Websites & Unused Concepts
  • My Wedding Website
  • The first website I ever designed was for my wedding. I had been teaching myself to code HTML and CSS by hand from a standards-based approach and thought it would be the perfect first project. While I might cringe a bit at the code now, I’ve kept it live with very little changes for archival purposes, sentimental value, and just to remember where I’ve been.

  • Home Page
  • An secondary page
  • Website for emma delon, kitchen & bath | design & consultation
  • I created this site for my wife’s business. She’s an independent interior designer, specializing in kitchen, bath and cabinetry design. For the initial site design there weren’t very many projects to display so I created the site as a single page for simplicity’s sake. The site content is getting a bit aged, so we’re currently in the planning stage for version 2.

  • Website for Four Clouds
  • While I was employed at Four Clouds as a User Experience Designer, one of my tasks was redesigning the company’s own site. As the focus was shifting from a services-based company to a more product-focused one, the needs of the website changed. So the site has gone through a few different designs over the time I was employed. I inherited a table-based Drupal site, worked with it as it moved through a newer Drupal distribution to a Ruby on Rails app, finally it has settled as of the beginning of 2012 as a Jekyll site.

    Visit this site: Four Clouds
  • The initial site redesign
  • A more fully fleshed out version of the initial site design.
  • After the logo changed again, the site needed to be redesigned to match. This is the initial under construction phase.
  • A landing page as part of the same under construction phase after the second logo change.
  • The Final Home Page
  • About Page
  • A Project Page
  • A Services Page
  • A Team Member Page
  • The same landing page as before, adapted to the new site design.
  • Website Redesign For Boiler Code Tech
  • This website was designed for my dad, who runs a pressure vessel systems manufacturing consultancy business called Boiler Code Tech. Since his potential clients tend toward a conservative aesthetic I wanted the site design to be approachable without too many bells and whistles. At the same time I didn’t want to sacrifice aesthetics.

    So I used vintage mechanical instruction manuals as inspiration and using an old 1950s drafting exercise paper as the source of the background texture, I was able to provide a simple yet compelling redesign. The design went over well enough that I used it as the basis for the company’s new business cards.

    Visit this site: Boiler Code Tech
  • Website Mockups for HumanCentric
  • While I was employed at HumanCentric I contributed some mockups to the rebranding effort that the company site was going through.
  • A home page where select internal page summaries would be displayed.
  • A splash page featuring one of HumanCentric’s office mascots.
  • Three screens showing a map of a sentence-based navigation.
  • Website Mockup for JD Chambers & Associates
  • JD Chambers & Associates was to be a company that hired my employer at the time, Four Clouds, to create an Android app. Part of the project was to redesign their logo and website. While the logo was completed the website didn’t get farther than these mockups. The company’s direction shifted, and their principals reorganized under a different name.
  • Brochure Site HTML Mockup for Visual Finance, An iPad App
  • After I finished the design work for the Visual Finance app one of the next steps was to help the client promote and market the app, starting with a brochure site. They later decided to handle the site in house, so this design didn’t get used. The image here is a screenshot of the site, was was live for a while in this state. Time was short for deployment so I designed it in the browser; just straight code and images. Most of it was still a placeholder at the time the client took over, which is why it appears cropped below.