• This motor coach service, which targeted DC's LGBT community, needed a website with two distinct phases of implementation.

    Phase 1 captured customer information and survey results to help shape the service schedules and amenities. Phase 2 added reservation functionality and community involvement.
  • I designed this site for a progressive DC law firm with the goal that it look nothing like something one might expect from a DC law firm. The entire visual approach signals the user and firm sharing overlapping interests and goals. 
  •  This site welcomes Host Hotels & Resorts hotel GMs to the annual conference, shares the agenda, plus allows them to make reservations for lodging and additional activities.
  • Like too many corporate intranets, Host's had become that digital closet you just didn't want to open. So, working with IT, HR, and corporate communications, I helped create a new information architecture based on a self service UX, a more intuitive interface, and a name that linked a mission to be more efficient with the control to do so.
  • Laureate International Universities' annual Leadership Summit can only be attended by a few hundred people. So to help thousands of others share the experience, I designed (with implementation by LIU's in house IT department) this post event site to accommodate .flv video streaming, slide shows, Camtasia Studio, and an online directory of attendees. 
  • I designed this internal microsite for LIU employees to access and download assets relating to the company's new branding.
  • With a workforce disperse throughout the country who often feel more a part of the school district in which they're placed, the challenge was to foster a stronger relationship between Progressus and its therapists. So I helped create The Progressus Experience, a web-based professional development and community portal that connects employees to their rewards program, career advancement tools, in-network job opportunities, and each other.
  • Given some fairly limited third party's templates, the emphasis for this site needed to be on messaging. So I wrote and designed a carousel of images that focused on positive outcomes for students and employees.