We can do better.

Created: 12/03/12
Last Edited: 10/04/13
A capital campaign to better children's chances of having a healthy dinner. Promotional material and mailed booklet for donors.
  • We can do better is a capital campaign to better student's chances to have nutritious dinner. The project goal is to raise enough money to enhance FRAC's program to feed children appropriate dinners at school. What FRAC is doing a great start but the meals should be healthier and local, educating children the importance of supporting their farms. In other terms, We can do better.

    The printed material below is what the campaign needs to raise money. Promotional media includes posters, magnets, and pencils. A booklet is mailed to potential donors included information about FRAC, We can do better. and how to help. Included in the mail piece is a connection card and envelope for the check. Also, a fun magnet to remind yourself of your donation and a way promote it to family and friends.
  • All printed media: Posters, booklet mailer, pencils, connection card, envelope, and magnets.
  • Instead of using harsh statistics, the idea is to friendly invite the viewer in with intriguing food typography.
  • Posters: In context.
  • Front page of mailed booklet.
  • Back side of booklet with mail information.
  • Inside spread example.
  • Inside spread example.
  • Inside of last spread with pocked envelope, connection card, and magnets.
  • Magnets.

  • Envelope.
  • Pencil Flags.

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