• Successful brands weave an ongoing story over time, interacting with and becoming part of everyday life. We had our first opportunity to test this filter on the new VisitKC.com brand with a campaign to drive excitement around one big event: The All-Star Game 2012. This is a once in a generation opportunity to share all that Kansas City has to offer with the world.

    Beginning with the Kansas City Cowboys and the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro Leagues, Kansas Citians have a long history of baseball fanaticism. Fittingly, the term “fan” was said to have been coined by coach/player “Red” Sullivan of the Kansas City Cowboys baseball team back in the 1880s. With this in mind, the FanatiKCs campaign was created to show the world that Kansas City fans are FanatiKCal about their city and baseball. The graphic system is designed around the Kansas City Spark, a symbol inspired by the energy that happens when our city’s friendly, BBQ and baseball-loving roots merge with our ever growing innovation, entrepreneurship, arts and entertainment culture.
    FanatiKCs messaging and the crashing KC baseball are appearing on billboards, street graphics, retail window stickers, vehicles and brand ambassadors all around town. The graphic tool kit is available through the KCCVA for free use by businesses and organizations throughout the greater Kansas City area, providing one of the first opportunities for Kansas Citians to welcome visitors with one, unified voice — a voice that can extend to all that is KC: BasKCetball, KCuisine, MusiKC… the possibilities are endless.