Online Community for ESL High School Students

    We Are is an online community which was developed specifically for ESL (English Second Language) High School Community. This is a system designed for High School students who have moved to the United States and are learning English as a second language. Aside from dealing with cultural shock, ESL High School Students are confronted with learning a new language, new customs and the dynamics of an American High School. ESL High School students are placed in separate rooms and their interaction is limited to just students that are ESL, and those that are in the same homeroom. Since, the main focus for schools is to teach them English, but by doing so they are limiting these students from taking AP or Honor classes. Therefore, in the long run limiting these students from the possibility of applying to college. WE ARE is an online community that allows these students to connect with other ESL High School students through the United States. This online community allows users to enroll in an online school which certified ESL teachers that are qualify teach AP and Honors classes.WE ARE allows users to share their experiences, practice English and practice SAT testing. WE ARE allows High School students to connect with college students that once were ESL and through this bond they are able to seek and receive advise pertaining to college.

    This project was done in collaboration of fellow KCAI designer Raynaldo Alvarez whom developed the online component while I developed the iphone and the Ipad interfaces. As well I took an active role in researching, site mapping, wired framing,design direction as well as icon design.