Waterfront Park

Created: 01/19/13
Last Edited: 01/19/13
Wayfinding and exhibits for Waterfront Park, Trenton, NJ.
  • Senior thesis. With interest in baseball declining, I set out to explore the possibility of revitalizing a local baseball stadium. The project consisted of a branding refresh, exterior supergraphics, signage, and activity/interpretive areas for all ages.
  • ^ Existing spaces.
  • ^ Logo revision.
  • ^ Project area.
  • ^ Project pieces.
  • ^ Outer wall facing parking lot.
  • ^ Revised entrance. Lightning bolt and eyes of mascot in windows is internally illuminated.
    The Road to the Majors. Interactive installation showing Major League teams players have gone on to play for. Each player has his own baseball card style panel.
  • ^ Scoreboards use a combination of LCD and eInk.
    Activities for children around perimeter:

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