Watch Your Wheels

  • Watch Your Wheels
  • In order to make an early and lasting impression on Pennsylvania motorists, will be offered as a learning resource to driver‘s education teachers across the state. Students will be able to view material relating to auto theft prevention in a variety of formats and participate in an interactive quiz to test their knowledge.

    Throughout the experience, the process of customizing a car will allow students to express their creativity and style. Successful completion of segments will unlock more accessories and options, providing a nearly endless array of car designs that students will be able to print and share. 

    In stark contrast to many of the learning materials used in these programs today, is designed to be as visually appealing and immersive as the video games and commercial experiences that new drivers are accustomed to. By presenting the Authority’s message in this context, students will learn how to prevent auto theft while having fun in the process.
  • Landing page
  • Multiple choice quiz
  • Fully unlocked customizer
  • Customizer tools