Wall Graphic Design Proposal

  • Wall Graphic Design Proposal
    Design I came up with for transitional space wall graphic design project
  • For this project we needed to pick a wall that was blank and propose a graphic for the space that was both graphically pleasing but conceptually fit the space. The wall I chose was in the Jarvis Hall science department. I proposed to apply a large vinyl "marble run" graphic. The graphic fit in the space because the "marble run" involves using the same pieces to create a new result as well as taking different paths to a desired result. These concepts both connect to science and technology in the facts that current breakthroughs are made off of the discoveries of our past, therefore we use the pieces we have to get to a new desired path. It takes using pieces and information to find a new solution. Also the "marble run" game uses a huge principle in science, gravity, to accomplish the marble going from start to finish. 
  •  Close up of "marble run" graphic
  • Scale Drawing of Space
  • Left end of Wall (Scale Drawing)
  • Left end of wall (Photo Rendering)
  • Middle Section of Wall (Scale Drawing)
  • Middle Section of Wall (Photo Rendering)
  • Right End of Wall (Scale Drawing)
  • Right End of Wall (Photo Rendering)
  • Photo Rendering of Entire Wall
  • Photo Rendering of Entire Wall
  • Photo Rendering of Appearance from Outside Building 
  • Close-up Photo Rendering 
  • Close Up Photo Rendering