Created: 12/19/12
Last Edited: 12/19/12
My second project for Intro to Graphic Design, in which the class was tasked with coming up with and creating our character design, with back story and tag line.
  • The second project assigned from my Intro course took our class to the fun and very interesting world of character design... and learing the tools of Adobe Illustrator.  The catch was that we were only allowed to use 2, yes I said it, 2 Pantone colors.
    This is Waffles.  He is a cute and cuddly pillow dog.  He was created and lives in a mattress factory with his owner.  Waffles enjoys playing fetch with his ball, chewing on coil springs, and snacking on memory foam and mattress padding.
  • I encountered many problems throughout the course of this project, considering this was my first exposure to Illustrator.  The hardest part of the project, by far, was putting the plaid pattern inside of Waffles.  I had tried many things, from trying to the excess up until ultimately, I used the divide tool to get rid of any excess plaid.  I laid a copy of the outline over the one that was used for the dividing process so that the divide lines would not show on the finished product.

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