WSFS Bank Anniversary Exhibit

  • WSFS Bank
    at The History Factory
    WSFS Bank 175th Anniversary Heritage Exhibit
    The exhibit was unveiled at a ceremony with many local and bank dignitaries
    in attendance.

    WSFS Bank wanted to transform their new office space with an exhibit showcasing
    the bank’s heritage in the state of Delaware and the local communities.

    Working with the items and stories presented by the curatorial department
    and information from the office’s interior design studio, I developed a design
    that presented the story with complementary colors, powerful hierarchy and
    dynamic imagery.

    Understanding scale and color played an unique role in the success of this project.
    Choosing colors to compliment interior accessories, wall paint and lighting proved
    valuable in developing an exhibit that physically transformed a space.

    Trajan and Garamond
    Illustrator, Photoshop